Levers to Optimize Pharmacy Spend

Levers for pharmacy savings

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Technology at Your Fingertips

Timely Access Informs Pharmacy Strategy

Prescription drugs are the single fastest growing component of US healthcare spending. Most patients and providers are unaware of prescriptions costs or alternatives at the point of care.


Gain levers by presenting drug coverage and alternatives to the doctors within their workflow. Our intelligent and configurable pharmacy spend management technology layered into prescriber workflows enables you to actualize your pharmacy strategy.


The Levrx Technology Solution

Levrx Platform™

Delivers patient cost and coverage formulary guidance at the point of care

Levrx DispenseBox™

Enables point of care dispensing for preferred generics and over the counter common medication.

Roxanne AI™

Delivers configuration and automation of pharmacy strategies.


Our Team

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Executive Chairman

Fernando Febus

SVP, Solutions Management

Vikram Agrawal


Brendan Harnett

VP, Product Development



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